Consignment & What You Need To Know...

  • Contact us to schedule your appointment and have your item (s) appraised, appraisals are limited to ten items per visit
    and our hours of intake are 12pm (noon) - 2pm.

  • ​All items considered must be in season and in like-new/new condition. We accept formals all year round.

  • We offer thirty (30) day consignment agreements, you have the option to extend the terms of your agreement once your agreement expires. Our brand new auction house will launch soon, you can authorize your item (s) to be listed in our auction house "live auctions" (that will run daily online) by agreement, once your items have sold, you will be issued a check for the agreed amount less our fees. If your item doesn't sell within the allotted time you have the option to reclaim your item, donate it, or re-consign it with us.

  • You can sell your item (s) directly to us on our intake scheduled day which is Tuesdays by appointment only. 

  • Any items not claimed within 24hrs. after your appraisal appointment and 72hrs. after an expired consignment agreement will be considered abandon and the property of Kee Kee's Consignment Designer Boutique, we reserve the right to keep or donate these items to our chosen charities. A portion of all sales will be donated to our chosen charities as well.

  • By submitting your items for sale or consignment, you attest you have legal possession and title ownership of the items you wish to sell or consign to us, state Id is required for all transactions.

      We look forward to partnering with you...

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Ken Hemmel

Brand new hidden gem right in Clifton!  Amazing selection, super friendly and knowledgeable staff.  This will be the best kept secret for a number of trendy / chic women in the area for sureClick Here

Joseph Tavares

I love this place! Whatever you are looking for,she has it. The Customer Service is excellent and the overall experience is top notch. This place is truly addictive. 10 stars easy!

Larry Larr

Great store, great prices, thanks for everything. Happy Holidays

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